Patented design

Patented design


I’m in Northern California along the coast in the redwoods. There are 8 redwood buildings on my property that I’ve built over 40 years. Many of them have needed repairs, deck replacement etc. Past years I sawed about 10,000 bd ft with an Alaskan mill from trees on my property for a lumber supply.  Currently I need 2 new structures along with the material needed for future maintenance. It became clear I would need a continual lumber supply and that now was the time to buy a sawmill. In choosing a mill I wanted one that I wouldn’t need a large piece of machinery for lifting logs onto a carriage.  I wanted to pull the sawmill up next to a log and then position additional logs into place with an arch and my ATV.  I needed clearance on both sides of the mill for rolling logs into position. Additionally I wanted the leeway of independently raising and lowering each side of the mill in setting height to the log, thus not having to shimmy up one log end. Primarily working by myself I need a mill that can be a one person operation. I chose the automated Turbosawmill as meeting my requirements, plus I don’t have to push a mill carriage back and forth all day, saving my energy for work on buildings.

The top photos are from when I was adjusting the blade (initial fine tuning). I like the procedure for adjusting the blade now on your website as I was able to copy and print it... making it easy in the field to follow the directions.

I highly recommend Turbosawmill!

David Groth, Northern California.

David has an amazing Youtube channel and website show casing his timber works.

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Recent editorial featuring Sin Siong Lim in Singapore.



“It all started when I was but a wee lad, my father having a need to find something to keep a brood of boys busy, sent us to the woods at an early age, to work, get firewood, and learn some good hard work habits. We also had a few small sawmill operators in the area and on occasion would take logs to them and with us serving as green chain hands, would have our wood milled up for our needs. This began my sawdust addiction. When a bit older my first foray into making useable lumber was one of those clamp on “beam machines”, which worked but wasn’t adequate. When I found myself with a tree farm several years later and having relocated from the Great Lakes Northwoods to the great Pacific NW, I once again began a search for a means to make my own lumber and all this on a budget. I was familiar with portable band mills, and had an uncle who had a Mighty Might, and having worked around handset circle mills in my past, I had a pretty good idea what my ideal milling machine would be, but due to budgetary constraints I selected an Alaskan MK III and later added to that a Logosol Timberjig and a home-made copy of Geanberg’s mini mill. Using 2 or 3 saws set up for different tasks I honed my chainsaw milling skills to the point where I was able to mill about 50 bd ft/hr. After having milled some 14mbf using the chainsaw mills, I decided to look once more at a better way. I loved the versatility and portability that a chainsaw mill offers and was thinking, “I need a precision lightweight solution”.

I saw some videos around 2010 of the Turbosawmill Warrior, and after looking and looking at how that machine was set up, decided that was the machine for me to set my sights on. I purchased a Turbosawmill Warrior ultra-lightweight M6 from Turbosawmill USA and received it early in 2017. After putting it together and finally deciding to get a new Husqvarna 395XP to power it, I began in about late April of that year, started lining up saw jobs on the side for my spare time. I began on some Douglas fir and it took about 1500 bd ft of milling for me to really wrap my head around the setup process and get things dialled in very nice, and having purchased 2 more blades for the mill, I was off to the races.

Jake Peterson of Turbosawmill NZ and Mike Moen of TSMUSA, have been beyond compare in support and advice. Since I started last year I have milled about 40 mbf with the “little mill that could”, and it has not ceased to impress me, my 2 brothers who have come to join the fun from time to time and people for whom I have milled. They have never seen anything like it and have all been impressed by its simplicity and exactness in what it can turn out in very short time when compared to other portable milling platforms that are neither as portable or as affordable. In reasonable logs I have been able to consistently achieve 200 bd ft/hr and have tackled logs that any other mill could not even think of doing. With the M6’s ability to saw literally any sized log, it offers the ultimate in portability and versatility.

I purchased the Alaskan cradle for my machine as well as an extension which allows me to cut a full 20’ log with ease. Working around a single beam is the best in simplicity as log resets are quick and the chips can be kept flying. Blade sharpening is a snap with the included diamond grinder and jig, I can face grind my blade in about a minute. And I am back at it. A band mill requires a band change about every 2 hrs in optimal conditions, and more often its less than optimal. With the M6 I experience one or 2 sharpening’s a day and only a blade change if I hit a rock, metal or something real hard that chips or breaks of a tooth, then I can get it retipped and ground at the local saw shop for 15-20 dollars which is what I prefer, as for me to do it myself takes longer and I can be milling instead.

Most recently I had expressed a desire with Mike and Jake about upgrading the M6 to an M8, Jake was gracious and worked me up an upgrade kit that was not too difficult to install, though it did require some grinding welding and disassembly/reassembly, the re-tooled warrior ultra-lightweight is ready to continue to make lumber, only now it can do it 8”x16” or any size in between.

If you are seriously considering a portable sawmill, Spectrum Innovations and Turbosawmill are at the cutting edge (pun intended), and you will be amazed as am I each time I work with this amazing piece of engineering. Indeed, Jake Peterson has taken the swing blade concept to the next level, carrying on the legacy of his father Carl Peterson, who began it in the early 80’s with the world’s first working concept of a swing blade portable sawmill. Try one for yourself you will not be disappointed! Happy, safe milling!!

Karson Branham Carlton, Oregon USA”


"I have been so pleased with my M8 Warrior Auto with the 22hp motor.  I would recommend the 22hp upgrade to anyone.  My wife wanted a walk-in closet.  I altered our abandoned henhouse and made it into the walk-in-closet of her dreams by milling fallen trees on the farm within the first three weeks of operating my new mill.  Please see the attached pictures.

    Stanley Barratt was there for me when I was unsure during the initial assembly.  I asked him to come visit.  His help was invaluable, I learned so much over his three day visit.  When he left I'd already started my first major project.  Since then he has been in regular contact to make sure I was satisfied.  And YES!  I am chuffed, absolutely delighted that I purchased this M8 Warrior Auto with a 22hp Honda upgrade.  It's been in operation for a month and I'm ready for my 50 hour service.  No regrets here in Southland New Zealand. Thank you Turbo Sawmills."

Cheers, Fred Evans


"Best sawmill I have ever used . Just perfect . Runs through logs easily."

Amit Sewak. Fiji.


"I am very happy with the mill, the design is a brilliant piece of engineering. Thanks for the great product!" Wayne Vermeulen, Warrior owner. NZ


"The Warrior mill has been a perfect asset for my business, a truly portable mill that can handle large diameter logs with ease. So easy to set up." Steve Mcphee, Warrior owner. NZ


“This swingmill is much more useful than a bandmill because I can take it to the large trees quite easily. I can set it up quickly on site and take out the lumber rather than cutting up the bush with skidding equipment. The recommended chainsaw engine is quite powerful for the job and is useful for cutting large trees down as well. Jake has been very responsive to my questions and readily remedied any problems I encountered." Clarence Haak. Orillia, Ontario, Canada


"My Warrior has proved to be brilliant! I am so glad that I got it by airfreight and was able to get stuck into these Oaks this year." Matt Kenyon. UK